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Prof. Dr. Martin Horst Accelerex is the second company founded by Dr. Horst. In the beginning of 2005 he co-founded, Nexilis AG, in Grenchen (Canton Solothurn, Switzerland). Nexilis identifies research-innovations through selection of feasible applications, technology proofs and defines/clarifies industrial value in order to develop products in the overlapping field between medical devices and biotechnology.

Until 2004 Dr. Horst was a member of the management team of Synthes AG, one of the leading manufacturers of implants in the field of orthopaedics and traumatology. Dr. Horst was leading the biomaterials research and development group which included the regulatory affairs and business development for new technologies departments. Prior to this position Dr. Horst worked with Geistlich Pharma AG, a major manufacturer for biomaterials used in dental surgery. There he established the orthopaedic biomaterials business unit.

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