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Strategic Planning
In the last few years we witnessed establishment of numerous new companies in the new economy in Europe. These included start-up companies in medical device technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Limited resources in small companies very often lead to neglecting strategic planning albeit this is one of the most important activities in a company. Accelerex supports companies in the strategic planning in the following areas:


Business Development
Selling or buying a company or parts of it, acquisition of new partners or technology requires exact analysis of the company(ies), the partners and the market. Such a due diligence is often performed more objectively by an independent third party. Accelerex has long standing experience in due diligence and business development activities. Especially small and medium sized companies could profit from the following services:
business plans include evaluation of technology and technical risks, clinical need evaluation, market appraisal, growth potential, identification of routes to market, regulatory strategy, intellectual property strategy, commercial vehicles and possible business partners/investors


Product Development
Development of new products is one of the core competences of each pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology company. That begins with the first idea, leads to the preclinical research and finally to production processes under special considerations of quality and regulatory aspects. Accelerex offers support in the following areas:


Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs
Accelerex can install and optimise quality systems as well as provide regulatory expertise. Accelerex has the experience and dedication to support you in these areas:





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